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Skip to 0.21, i think the person who edited the video messed up a little, the first 20 seconds are the punchline for the last joke :P
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Posted: 2012-09-05 16:18:24

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  • Vans - replied 2012-09-05 17:50:44
    It is unbelievable o.O. I never ever heard that accent before in my life and in the beginning I was thinking if this is dutch or something but after about 1 minute I almost understood everything, that is amazing.
    Oh and it is really funny XD
    • Fail4424 - replied 2012-09-05 17:59:05
      glad you liked it :D but yer it's the a typical Scotish accent.
      probably harder for you to understand it at first, being German and all.
      I wanna hear a German accent and actually notice it, for some reason i can't tell the accent because of my mum :P
      • Vans - replied 2012-09-05 18:14:55
        I had alot more problems with many other accents, even the foreign accents. But this one wasn't that hard, even though I think it is alot worse than other accents XD

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