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1. Galapagos Island Tortoise - 2012

Lonely Gorge, the last representative of its kind was found dead in the Galapagos National Park, where he lived. Although exact age isn't known, scientists believe that he was more than 100 years old.

Galapagos Island tortoise
2. Yangtze River Dolphin - 2006

Officially announced extinct in 2006. A photo was taken of a similar creature in 2007. Despite the fact that Yangtze river dolphin is still considered to be extinct, there may be one or two representatives of the species still alive.

Yangtze river dolphin
3. Western Black Rhino - 2011

These rhinos became a victim of poachers. Even strict laws were unable to stop poachers and Western Black Rhino went extinct.

Western black rhino
4. Caribbean monk seal - 2008

Although the last representative of the Caribbean monk seal was observed in 1952, but they were officially declared extinct in 2008. The seals were hunted for the oil in 18-19 centuries. Monk seals weren't aggressive and were afraid of people. According to the zoo's owner (20th century), who held a number of Caribbean monk seals, Seals were spitting the water on visitors, if they approached them too close.

Caribbean monk seal
5. Ivory-billed Woodpecker - 1994

Almost two decades ago, Ivory-billed Woodpecker was announced extinct. However, there are sources saying that these birds were spotted recently. The sources report that Ivory-billed Woodpeckers emmett really exclusive sounds. Despite that, Ivory-billed Woodpecker is still considered extinct.

6. Alaotra Grabe - 2010

A small diving duck lived in one of Madagascar's lakes. Predatory fish brought by people exterminated them.

Alaotra Grebe
7. The Dusky Seaside Sparrow - 1987

One of the reasons these birds went extinct was pesticides. The second reason was that their natural habitat was destroyed. NASA built a cosmic research center in their living area.

The Dusky Seaside Sparrow
8. Mexican Grizzly - 1964

Those grizzlies were exterminated by farmers because Mexican Grizzlies were hunting domestic animals.

9. Javan tiger - 1994

Javan tigers lived in Indonesia. They disappeared when their living land was converted to farms. The last know tiger was shot at Java island mountains in 1984.

10. Saint Helena earwig - 1967

Scientists haven’t declared Saint Helena earwing as extinct, but this insect was last spotted alive in 1967. No one has reported seeing it since then.

Saint Helena earwig
11. Japanese sea lion - 1974

These sea lions were hunted intensively and they lost their natural habitat during WW II. One young Japanese sea lion was caught in 1974, but scientists were unable to find any more of them since then.

12. Pyrenean ibex - 2000

The last known representative has died 200 years ago when a tree fell on him. The scientists in 2009 used DNR samples to clone the ibex. It was unsuccessful attempt - the Pyrenean ibex died from lung problems days later.

Pyrenean ibex
13. Gastric-brooding frog - 1983

This frog from Australia swallowed its eggs and gave birth to fully developed little frogs from the mouth. The last known representative died at laboratory in 1983.

Gastric brooding frog
14. Golden toad - 1989

Scientist are not sure why these frogs went extinct. One popular theory is the climate change and pollution.

Credit (Text): 15 min.
Image credit: Wikimedia
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Posted: 2012-07-16 10:33:19

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  • casper667 - replied 2012-07-16 16:42:52
    Galapagos tortoise still has 10/15 subspecies alive with estimated total numbers more than 19,000 according to wikipedia. Lonesome George was the last of the 11th subspecies though.
    • bostonboy86 - replied 2012-07-17 20:09:48
      It was reported that poor George was also a 100 year old virgin.
      • Jackylegs - replied 2012-07-23 10:48:52
        Haahahaaha oh god... Thanks for returning some common sense and humour to yet another post where everyone pretends they know what's best for the environment.
    • imfrikknbad - replied 2012-07-16 20:55:02
      Yeah, I was going to say I watched an episode of the Crocodile Hunter this week and he found quite a few on the Galapagos Islands.
  • Jackylegs - replied 2012-07-23 10:54:36
    #14 - "One popular theory is the climate change and pollution"
    Fuck. This theory has seriously sunk that low.
    Scientist 1: "Oh man, the ecosystem transformed slightly and we can't explain it! Quick! What do we do??"
    Scientist 2: "Was it the endangerment or extinction of something cute?"
    Scientist 1: "Yeah... a frog. Why??"
    Scientist 2: "Don't worry! We can blame climate change again."
    Funds go on :D

    We don't acknowledge the average of 24 other species of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria that become extinct every day, why are these fourteen so important?
  • miketehpope - replied 2012-07-16 15:17:07
    Good post +3
  • BrandonTheAstronaut - replied 2012-07-21 23:25:37
    Lonely Gorge is another name for a cat lady's vagina
  • CrazyJay - replied 2012-07-23 04:17:10
    Am I the only one who's a little glad those earwigs are gone? *Shudders*

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